Personal Property Tax Calculation Form **Proposed** FY 18-19

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Personal Property Tax Calculator
(for Automobile, Motorcycle, etc.)
This calculator reflects the adopted FY 17-18 mill rate and the proposed FY 18-19 mill rate.

You can obtain your personal property assessment information
by calling the Avon Assessor's Office at (860) 409-4335.

FY 17-18 Mill Rate
FY 18-19 Mill Rate

Input the Following: (numbers ONLY, no comma or $)
  FY 2017-2018
October 2016 Assessment
FY 2018-2019
October 2017 Assessment
Automobile 1 Assessed Value $ $
Automobile 2 Assessed Value $ $
Other/Auto 3 Assessed Value $ $
Other/Auto 4 Assessed Value $ $
Input the assessed values of your personal property in the provided fields. "Other" includes items like Motorcycles, Trailers, Campers, etc.

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Tax at current
mill rate of 30.59

Tax at proposed
mill rate of 31.35

Automobile 1
Automobile 2
Other/Auto 3
Other/Auto 4

Total Annual Tax
on Personal Property
Total Monthly Tax
on Personal Property
Total Annual Change
in Personal Property Taxes