General Information: All work done within the Town of Avon right-of-way requires a permit from the Avon Engineering Department.  This includes work done by every entity (contractor, utility, resident, etc.) with the exception of the Town Public Works Department.  If the work is related to the installation, removal or reconstruction of a driveway, the permit will likely be called a Driveway Permit.  Work done on sanitary sewers requires a Sewer Permit.  All other work will be covered under an Excavation Permit.

The purpose of the permit is to protect the Town and its residents from liability for work being done on Town property.   Accordingly, the permittee is required to provide insurance and bonding to protect the Town’s interests.  All permits require submittal of a drawing illustrating existing conditions and proposed work.  The complexity of the drawing is dependent upon the complexity of the project.  Please contact the Avon Engineering Department for additional information regarding this.

Insurance and Bonding Requirements

Insurance requirements for Driveway, Excavation and Sewer Connection permits are described in the following link.  Please pay particular attention to the requirement for Explosion, Collapse and Underground Hazards.  From our experience, failing to identify coverage for this item often causes delays in permit processing. Please click here for further information on Certificate of Liability Insurance Requirements.

A permit bond is required to provide performance coverage for all permitted projects.  Typical projects such as installation of a driveway or connecting to the Town sewer requires a bond of $5,000.  Contractors have 2 choices when providing bonds for such projects:

  1.  Provide a separate $5,000 for each project
  2.  Provide a $50,000 bond to cover unlimited typical projects

Larger projects, such as construction of new utilities require larger bonds which must be provided on a per project basis.  The amount of bond required for these projects will be determined by the Avon Engineering Department after receiving the Contractors detailed estimate for the project.

Please note:  All bonds are to be in place for a minimum of one (1) year following acceptance of all of the work by the Town.  We have found that it is common that bonding agencies write bonds that are good for one (1) year from the date of request by the contractor.  Since projects take time to construct and get approved by the Town, virtually all bonds need to be extended to cover the one (1) year period. 

Driveway and Excavation Permit Requirements

Driveway permits are required for renovation/reconstruction of existing driveways and for new driveways prior to Engineering Department sign-off on new home construction. The Town has standard requirements for driveways, and are particularly concerned about the driveway apron. Please see the following link to download the Town’s driveway apron standard. 

Excavation Permits are required for all non-driveway and non-sewer work that will impact the Town’s right-of-way.  Typically this includes public utility work such as water main, telecom or sanitary sewer or connections to the storm sewers.  It also includes work that is done on private property in which the Town’s right-of-way is going to be used as an access point for the work.  Please click here to download Avon's Driveway / Excavation Permit Process Requirements.  For further information, please contact Matt Brown, L.S., Assistant Town Engineer, (860) 409-4325 or

Sewer Permit Requirements

In an effort to streamline the process of acquiring a sewer connection permit, the Town of Avon has prepared this package of documents providing information and requirements to contractors and property owners wishing to connect to the Avon sanitary sewer collection system.  The Town requires that all aspects of a sanitary sewer connection are inspected for compliance with our standards, and to take notes and measurements for ties to bends and connection points.  Therefore the Avon Engineering Department is to be notified in advance of work to be done, and all related work is to be done within the Town’s working hours.  Work that is done without Town inspection will not be accepted.  Please click here for Sewer Connection Requirements for information on connecting to the public sewer.

For further information, please contact Timothy D. Foster, Superintendent of Sanitary Sewers, (860) 409-4324 or

Pavement Cut Policy

All work to be done that requires cutting Town of Avon pavement requires approval by the Avon Engineering Department prior to performing the work.  The Town has adopted a formal Pavement Cut Policy detailing requirements for cutting into and restoring pavement. Please click here for the Town of Avon's Pavement Cut Policy.  The Town Engineer has discretion regarding cutting pavement often requiring that utility connections be performed by boring methods to avoid open trench excavations where practical.

Additional notes:

  • A Call Before You Dig (CBYD) number is required for Driveway, Excavation and Sewer Permits. Please call 1-800-922-4455 to obtain this number.
  • Fees for Driveway, Excavation and Sewer Permits are $50.00