Procedures - Citizen's Guide to Making Commendations and Complaints

Citizen's Guide to Making Commendations and Complaints
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Citizen's Guide to Making Commendations and Complaints

The Avon Police Department strives to provide superior service to the community. In order to help us meet this goal, we appreciate citizen input. Your constructive comments about our service can only help us to improve and continue our superior service.

Commending Exceptional Service

Avon Police Officers are happy to, and always strive to, provide exceptional police services. While the women and men of the Avon Police Department don't expect to be thanked for everything they do, recognition for exceptional service is always welcomed. Also, this type of feedback helps us to keep the high level of service to you.

Making a Citizen Complaint

You may make a complaint by letter, telephone, e-mail or in person.  A supervisor is available at Police Headquarters, 60 West Main Street, Avon, CT at any time. A copy of the Avon Police Department policy (with corresponding forms) is available here.  A Uniform Civilian Complaint Report form is available hereOftentimes, in our experience, a complaint from a citizen may come from a misunderstanding of police procedures or policies. We do encourage you to pursue speaking with a supervisor, however, we do understand that some complaints require or cannot be resolved without a thorough investigation. During the investigative process, you will be kept informed about the process and may be asked to provide additional information. You will also be advised when the investigation is completed. 

Annual internal affairs statistics summary is available here.