NEW Permit Software System


NEW Permit Process

Beginning January 18, 2022, all Engineering permits will be processed via a new on-line permit-tracking system known as “OpenGov Citizen Services”.  Contractors and Residents can now apply, pay, and track permit requests on-line. Please note: submission of an on-line application does not constitute the issuance of a permit.

What you need to know:
Citizen Services / ViewPoint Link:              HTTPS://AVONCT.VIEWPOINTCLOUD.COM
  1. Create an Account – Use the above link to create a new account or sign into an existing account.  Many communities in CT and the US use Citizen Services, and contractors need only have one account which can be used in any of the communities using Citizen Services.
  2. Permit Types:     
    1. Driveway: Resurfacing, reconstruction, replacing an apron only, and new driveways connected to a Town road.
    2. Excavation – Single lot: Right-of-way work requiring access to property other than via existing, permitted driveway. Required for ALL work being performed within the Town right of way as well as for access to property other than via existing, permitted driveway.
    3. Excavation – Linear Projects: Work within Town-owned right-of-way in front of more than one property.  Typically, this is for utility extensions or replacements.
    4. Sewer: Sewer connections, renovations, disconnects, and repairs to any part of a sanitary sewer system outside of a building
  3. Document uploads – REQUIRED
    1. Plan or sketch: Illustration of work to be performed – the amount of detail required depends on complexity of project.  We have provided an on-line mapping-site link to assist applicants with sketch preparation for simple projects - Please click here. For a brief illustration showing how to use the online tools, please click here.
    2. Certificate of Insurance: Current COI, including Town of Avon as additional insured and X,C,U coverage noted in “Description of Operation” section. Copies will no longer be kept on file in the Engineering Department. * See Engineering webpage for additional requirements.
    3. Bond: Up-to-date, signed and stamped original bond referencing work location on-file with Town of Avon required. A scanned copy must be uploaded with every permit application. * See Engineering webpage for additional requirements.
    4. Sewer Pump Data: (Sewer permits that require a sewer pump only) Copy of specific pump-system data sheets. A scanned copy must be uploaded with permit application.
    5. Pavement Cut Policy Acknowledgement – All projects being performed within the Town right-of-way require signed acknowledgement of the Avon Pavement Cut Policy, regardless of whether the applicant expects to cut into Town pavement or not.
  4. Permit Fee: Payments may be made online via credit card with a modest transaction fee; however applicants may continue to pay for permits by check or cash. * Permit-applications will not be reviewed until fee is paid.
  5. Permit Fines (NEW): Work performed without a required permit will now be subject to a $500 fine.  Late payment of fines will be subject to 1.5% interest per month (18% per year).  Applicants with delinquent payments will not be allowed to acquire additional permits.
  6. Permit Status: Permits have a life cycle that is: Application→Permit Review→Permit Granted→Initial Work Approval→Final Work Approval (11 months later) →Permit Closed.  This is true for all permits except driveway resurfacing and at the discretion of the Town Engineer.  Bonds must stay in effect until a permit is officially closed.
Please note: submission of an on-line application and payment does not constitute the issuance of a permit.  This is done only after an application is reviewed and approved by Avon Engineering staff.