Old Farms Road


Old Farms Road and Thompson Road Projects

November 10, 2015 update:  After much deliberation with the Federal Highway Administration, Connecticut DOT, and CRCOG, it was determined that the best course of action for the Town and the school is to consider developing the relocation design as a collaborative project between the Town and the school.  FHWA promoted this idea and is providing 90% of the funding for a Feasibility Study to determine the feasibility of relocating the road versus improving it within its current corridor.  This study will provide several important pieces of information which will ultimately determine the viability of the project:

  1. Can the project be built within an Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) Category I permit?
  2. If it is, what will the estimated costs be to do that?
  3. What will the estimated costs be to rebuild the road within its current corridor?
  4. How do the costs and benefits compare?

The Feasibility project has been underway since early summer 2015 and the deadline for the final report is due early February 2016.  Town staff are in communication with Old Farms School representatives as the project progresses.


The Town of Avon and Avon Old Farms School have been working with the Capitol Region Council of Governments, the State of Connecticut and the Federal Government on a proposed re-location/re-alignment of portions of Old Farms and Thompson Roads, including the bridge over the Farmington River, to include the intersection of Old Farms Road with State Route 10 (Waterville Road) for a number of years.  

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved, in August 2009, a purpose and need for roadway projects for the Thompson/Scoville and Old Farms Roadway, located through the Avon Old Farms School property and town-owned Fisher Meadows. In addition, the Town of Avon is working with its consultant to develop an environmental assessment in preparation for the Town’s proposal to acquire approximately 100 acres of open space land from Avon Old Farms School. This open space will provide a protected corridor along the relocated roadway and provide a contiguous multi-use trail from the Farmington Valley Greenway to Fisher Meadows. Also, a new Old Farms Road Bridge at the Farmington River is proposed. This structure will be located north of the existing bridge and the project includes intersection improvements with Route 10. Click the links below to see additional information on the project.