Old Farms Road Bridge


Old Farms Bridge/Old Farms Road & Route 10 Intersection Improvements

The State of Connecticut Department of Transportation conducted a Public Informational Meeting on September 21, 2017 regarding: The Repacement of Bridge No. 04470, Reconstruction of Old Farms Road and Route 10 Intersection Improvements. Please click on the below links for additional information from this presentation.

Old Farms Bridge 

November 10, 2015 update:  Several years ago, the design methodology for bridges being funded by the State or Federal Government changed.  Because the State took over responsibility for the project, they determined that they needed to redesign the bridge to meet the newer methodology.  Accordingly, they needed to prepare a scope of work to migrate the design from the old to the new, solicit costs, and negotiate a contract with the bridge designers.  This paperwork, which took more than a year to complete, was finally signed in August of 2015.  The consultant was given a Notice to Proceed immediately thereafter and has recently begun the work.  ConnDOT is hesitant to give a firm schedule due to the complexities of the environmental permitting, but their current expectation is that the project will be bid for construction late 2017 with construction beginning in 2018.


The Old Farms Road bridge over the Farmington River has been noted as poor by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.  While it is still structurally sound, it is in need of replacement. The Town successfully petitioned the State to take over a project to complete the design and construction of the replacement.  Currently the bridge is in final design stage.  Next year ConnDOT will be applying for environmental permits and going out to bid for the construction.  It is likely that construction will take 2 - 3 years. Click the links below to see more information on this project.