The Sewer Department is responsible for operations and maintenance of the sanitary collection system, which includes over 89.35 miles of piping, 2,541 manholes, and four Town-owned pump stations.  This includes the maintenance of inter-town agreements for waste treatment, sewer use billing, special contracts for equipment and support, routine inspections, and emergency call outs for service. 

The Avon Water Pollution Control Authority, established pursuant to provisions of the Connecticut General Statutes, is responsible for planning and directing the installation, operation and maintenance of the public sanitary system in Avon.  This activity also provides for inspection of the construction of private, multi-building sanitary systems, which may become a part of the town system. 

The Town of Avon does not own its own sanitary sewer treatment plant and, accordingly, contracts for treatment with the Town of Farmington, Simsbury, and Canton.  Essentially, the Town pays for treatment on the basis of volume of effluent and in accordance with inter-town agreements; the Engineering Department wishes to study, and then remedy, leaks or illicit discharges into the collection system.

The Sewer Fund is used to account for all sewer related revenues and expenditures.  Revenues are produced by sewer use fees, connection charges, sewer permits, and inspection fees.  Beginning in fiscal year 2013/2014, revenues are being collected for the new, State mandated Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) program.

In an effort to streamline the process of acquiring a sewer connection permit, the Town of Avon has prepared this package of documents providing information and requirements to contractors and property owners wishing to connect to the Avon sewer collection system.

Click here for Sewer Connection Requirements for connecting to the public sewer.

For further information, please contact Timothy D. Foster, Superintendent of Sanitary Sewers, (860) 409-4324 or