Avon Village Center Project Update

avon village center
Avon Village Center Project Update
Avon, CT - March 3, 2020 -  The steel is being erected for the first two of the initial 5 buildings in the Avon Village Center at this time. Though the footprints are set, final design details are being put in place for two buildings on the west side of Climax Road at this time, and final designs for the retaining walls are being reviewed and approved by staff.
The foundation for the Whole Foods building is essentially complete along with a large amount of underground stormwater storage and other infrastructure. Stone wall details are also being reviewed and finalized at this time. This infrastructure will be largely unseen by the public but is critically important for the site to function well long into the future.
In the next few weeks, passerby should see the building shells being erected as the project continues to take shape. Town staff is working with the developer to reopen the bike trail behind the Town offices in the near future. It is temporarily detoured but will be opened once the large equipment is removed from the site.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the planning department at (860) 409-4328.