Avon Village Center Project Update

avon village center
Avon Village Center Project Update
Avon, CT - June 10, 2020 - The building process at Avon Village Center is continuing. The anchor store of Whole Foods is moving forward toward a late fall completion and a early 2021 opening. The retail building behind Whole Foods is continuing as well. The newest building, currently called R8 is having its steel frame erected this week.  This building is located right next to the bike trail and will be the location of  public rest rooms right next to the trail as well.  As soon as the building is erected at this location, staff is working with the developer to get bike trail reopened to the public.
avon village center   avon village center
Many other items are also moving forward at this time, although they may not be quite as obvious to the casual observer.  Utilities continue to be installed and parking lots and road grades are beginning to take shape as well.  The roads that serve the surrounding land uses are to be maintained until the new road system is ready to be opened late in 2020.
The creation of at least one of the roadway roundabouts will also begin very soon as well. While this is a new feature for Avon motorists, the design is specifically created to allow for the safe and relatively slow movement of traffic in the area. One of the main aspects of the roundabout design is to allow pedestrians to cross the street in a safe fashion.  As soon as drivers get used to the roundabout and how it functions, it will be a welcome break from a traffic light in this location.