Avon Village Center Project Update

avon village center
Avon Village Center Project Update
Avon, CT - April 27, 2021 - The projected re-opening date for Climax Road and Bickford Drive is April 30, 2021, weather permitting to allow for construction and paving. Meanwhile, the work on the interior of the Whole Foods building is also moving forward. One new item associated with Whole Foods that may be of interest is the food to energy system being installed at this facility. Actually called “Grind2Energy,” this system is an anaerobic digester which takes food waste and converts it into a slurry that is transported to a processing facility where it is converted into electricity and fertilizer. The product is also used to heat the buildings at the conversion facility, usually a farm. This is part of a growing system with facilities in Massachusetts and Connecticut.
The buildings approved as part of Phase 1A on the west side of Climax Road are also well underway at this time. A specific completion date for these commercial buildings is not yet known as it depends on the availability of materials and labor which are stressed at this time due to external forces. Finally, the buildings along half of the new main street, Market Street, are nearly ready for occupants. Tenants are beginning to look at these building at this time. We expect that tenant interest will significantly increase as soon as Whole Foods opens in late May or early June.
The re-opening of the roadways is necessary in order for folks to be able to access the buildings. The certificates of occupancy will be issued as soon as the buildings are complete and are able to be accessed.
The bike trail is largely open at this time. The rest area, including rest rooms, is also very nearly completed. This should be a nice amenity for trail users, especially for users with small children. Next to the rest area is a lovely tower structure. This tower is also a nice place to stop and rest and converse while using the trail. The Village Center developer created this tower to create a place where the boulder garden can continue to “grow” and as a point of interest and discussion as well. We hope the public likes it.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the Department of Planning and Community Development at (860) 409-4328.