Fisher Meadows Fields Expansion Project Update

fisher meadows fields expansion project
*UPDATE* September 11, 2019 - Staff continue to monitor and treat the turf, which has not established and grown as initially anticipated. While the soil conditions and nutrients in that area of Fisher Meadows were ideal for growing corn, they are not as suitable for cultivating a new grass playing field. In order to best address the sparse growth, staff worked with an expert to conduct additional soil tests that revealed particularly dense, poorly draining soil with very low levels of calcium. Low calcium prevents fertilizers from being effective. To mitigate these issues, calcium treatments were applied, an athletic field grass seed mix was sown, and a course of weed inhibitors and fertilizers were applied. Additionally, the fields continue to be mowed weekly. In order to encourage establishment and growth, the Town is not scheduling activities on the new fields this fall.
In addition to the activity on the fields, staff have been working to complete some of the other landscaping tasks included in the project. Recently, staff worked with a soil scientist to evaluate the growth of the rain garden at the center of the new parking lot. At his recommendation, the rain garden was mowed, rototilled and seeded with a rain garden mix to prevent weeds and invasive plants from returning. Slight modifications were also made to the storm drain in the center of the garden to aid in drainage.  
This summer, post and cable guard railing was installed around the perimeter of the parking lot and along the trail to prevent vehicles from accessing the fields.