Mister Rogers Signature Postmark for First Company Governors Horse Guard

As part of a Mister Rogers postmark event*, a commemorative postcard for The First Company Governors Horse Guard (1GHG) was created by the sponsor of the event, PairDesign.
PairDesign is a local design and marketing firm that specializes in branding and high-impact designs. See their work online at www.pairdesignstudio.com
The firm is owned by Staff Sargeant Brigitte Soucy who also serves as a Riding Platoon Leader for 1GHG.
The unit established in 1778 and chartered in 1788, is the oldest continuously mounted Calvary unit in the country. It is located at 280 Arch Rd in Avon, CT. Members drill each Thursday night beginning at 7:30pm and the troop is always looking for new members. (See www.ctfirsthorseguard.org)
A limited number of postcards are still available with the Mister Rogers stamp and Mister Rogers Signature postmark at the Canton Center Post Office on 178 Cherry Brook Rd.
*Canton Center is the only post office in the country that offers Mister Rogers Signature as a postmark. This limited postmark is available until April 24th