2016 Plan of Conservation and Development Effective December 1, 2016

Adopted November 15, 2016
2016 Plan of Conservation and Development 
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Table of ContentsTable of Contents
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Chapter 1Introduction
Chapter 2Community Profile
Chapter 3Land Use
Chapter 4Natural Resources
Chapter 5Open Space and Recreation
Chapter 6Historic Resources
Chapter 7Housing
Chapter 8Public Facilities & Utilities
Chapter 9Business and Industry
Chapter 10Transportation
Chapter 11Future Land Use Recommendations
Chapter 12Comparison to Regional and State Plans
Chapter 13Agricultural Preservation                                                     **  Adopted June 27, 2017  Effective July 7, 2017
Appendix AGreatBlue Research Survey    January 2016
Appendix BAvon Center Study    March 2005
Appendix DRecommendations for Bicycle Planning and Design in Avon, CT   September 2012
Chapter 3 
Map 3-1Existing Land Use in Avon
Chapter 4 
Map 4-1Inland Wetlands & Watercourses Map
Map 4-2Ridgeline Protection Overlay Zone
Map 4-3Town-owned Open Space/Forestry Mgmt
Map 4-4Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone
Chapter 5 
Map 5-1Existing Open Space Parcels by Ownership
Map 5-2Existing Open Space-Properties Targeted for Aquisition
Map 5-3Existing Trail Network/Priorities New Trail Construction
Map 5-4Proposed Trail - Fisher Meadows to River Park
Map 5-5Proposed Old Farms Loop Trail
Map 5-6Proposed Trail Extension-Buckingham Ballfields to Farmington River
Map 5-7Proposed Trail - Huckleberry Hill to Found Land
Map 5-8Farmington Valley Greenway - Proposed Avon Town Center Alternate Pathway
Map 5-9Proposed District No. 3 School House Park Trail
Chapter 7 
Map 7-1Properties that Warrant added study for Multifamily and/or Cluster Style Development
Chapter 8 
Map 8-1Community Facilties Map
Map 8-2Existing and Proposed Service Areas - Avon Water Co and CT Water Co
Map 8-3Existing and Proposed Sanitary Sewers
Chapter 10  
Map 10-1 Plan of Circulation
Chapter 12 
Map 12-1Connecticut Conservation and Policies Plan 2013-2018
Chapter 13 
Map 13-1Existing Agricultural Parcels by Zoning District
Map 13-2Existing Farm & Forest Land Taxed Under PA 490
Map 13-3Privately Owned Farmland Within the TDR Program
Map 13-4Existing Public Sanitary Sewer, Future Service Areas, and Locations of Existing Farms
Chapter 4 
Exhibit 4-1Sample FEMA Flood Map
Chapter 10 
Exhibit 10-6Priority for Adding Painted Crosswalks, Route 44