Avon Village Center Project

October 7, 2019

On July 31, 2018 the Avon Planning and Zoning Commission approved Phase 1A of the Avon Village Center development. The plans shown to the Commission at that meeting were approved as to architecture and roadway improvements.

The roadway improvements, especially those to Climax Road and the intersection of Bickford Drive intersection are currently underway at this time.

Since the July 31, 2018 approval the Town has been notified that the anchor tenant, Whole Foods Market has agreed to be the first tenant in the development.

In addition, several other buildings will  be constructed at this time as well to complement the Whole Foods Market.

Significant improvements to the overall site including landscaping and screening along Route 44 have also been approved and will be installed in the near future as well.

The revised road network should serve the community well when it is completed.

If you have questions on any aspect of the plans or the process, please contact Hiram Peck in the Avon Planning Department at (860) 409-4328.

Avon VillageMaster Plan-Approved Resolution-November 17, 2015

Avon Master Plan_FiscalImpact_Mullin_SEPT2015

Carpionato-ProposedMasterPlan-REVISED to-OCTOBER 20, 2015

Traffic Presentation-Fuss&O'Neill - OCTOBER 20, 2015

LID Presentation-Fuss&O'Neill - OCTOBER 20, 2015

AvonMasterPlan-UnionStudio_ConsultantMemo-OCT 2015

AvonMasterPlan-UnionStudio_Consultant-Sketches-OCT 2015

Traffic Presentation - Fuss & O'Neill - SEPT 29, 2015

Low Impact Development (LID) - Fuss & O'Neill - SEPT 29, 2015

Carpionato Group Proposed Master Plan REV SEPT 29, 2015

Carpionato Group Proposed Master Plan  July 2015

Avon Village Center Roadways - Existing and Proposed

Traffic Study-AvonCenterMasterPlan - Fuss &O'Neill-JUNE 2015

Ensign Bickford Master Plan Approved 2012