Avon Village Center Project

May 25, 2018  


The developer has submitted plans for Phase One of the Avon Village Center. The plans are available to review at the Avon Public library.

Simply go to the Reference Desk and ask the Reference Librarian to look at the plans. Note: These plans are many pages so you may want to review only certain pages.

The public meetings and hearings on these applications will begin with the Inland Wetlands Commission. The Planning and Zoning Commission will begin the hearing process on June 12, 2018.

If you have questions on any aspect of the plans or the process, please contact Hiram Peck in the Avon Planning Department at (860) 409-4328.

You can also access the plans by clicking on the links below







Update Status on Avon Village Center project 

The developer of the Avon Village Center project will be submitting detailed phase 1 plans on May 15, 2018. These plans will be available in the Planning Department and also at the Avon Public Library in case anyone would like to review them there. The excavation needed in order to relocate the East Coast Greenway Trail has been approved and will be starting on Monday May 14, 2018. The parcels involved with the proposed phase 1 will be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Avon Inland Wetlands Agency in June and July. The Planning and Zoning Commission will hold public hearings on the plans submitted. Public comments are welcome. It is advised that interested residents review the plans and ask staff whatever questions they may have. The developer is hoping for an approval of their phase 1 plans by July so that construction may begin in the fall of 2018. The developer has been working on the details of the plans by meeting with engineering, planning and landscape architecture consultants for several months. The site will be changing even more in character in the next few months as the site is excavated for the trail relocation and prepared for the anticipated first phase of vertical development in 2018.

If anyone has any questions, they should call the Planning Department at (860) 409-4328. We will do our best to answer any questions as quickly as possible.


Avon VillageMaster Plan-Approved Resolution-November 17, 2015

Avon Master Plan_FiscalImpact_Mullin_SEPT2015

Carpionato-ProposedMasterPlan-REVISED to-OCTOBER 20, 2015

Traffic Presentation-Fuss&O'Neill - OCTOBER 20, 2015

LID Presentation-Fuss&O'Neill - OCTOBER 20, 2015

AvonMasterPlan-UnionStudio_ConsultantMemo-OCT 2015

AvonMasterPlan-UnionStudio_Consultant-Sketches-OCT 2015

Traffic Presentation - Fuss & O'Neill - SEPT 29, 2015

Low Impact Development (LID) - Fuss & O'Neill - SEPT 29, 2015

Carpionato Group Proposed Master Plan REV SEPT 29, 2015

Carpionato Group Proposed Master Plan  July 2015

Avon Village Center Roadways - Existing and Proposed

Traffic Study-AvonCenterMasterPlan - Fuss &O'Neill-JUNE 2015

Ensign Bickford Master Plan Approved 2012