Avon Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit

The Avon Police Department has a Bicycle Patrol Unit, which supplements the Patrol Division.  The bicycle not only enhances community relations by being easily approachable by members of the community, but also prevents crime by its high visibility. The bicycle is an excellent tool for Officers because it can go places that the Police cruiser cannot, and has the speed and mobility that makes it more effective than an officer walking on foot.  The Bicycle Officer is able to observe more that an Officer in a marked patrol car, and is able to make stealthy approaches to potential crimes in progress.  In certain situations, the Bike Patrol Officers work undercover as a technique to prevent crimes in certain areas. The Avon Police Department currently has 5 Police Officers assigned to the Bicycle Patrol Unit.  All five Patrol Officers have been certified through IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association).  In Avon, these Officers can be seen patrolling Rails-to-Trails, the town parks, and business districts. These Officers are also used for special events in town.