Police Cadets Program

Avon Police Cadets


Avon Police Cadets, a community-oriented program, operates year-round under the direction of the Town of Avon, its Police Chief, Directors, and Advisors. Its mission is to engage youth through activities centered on career opportunities in law enforcement, community service, character development, leadership experience and life skills. 

To be considered for membership, candidates must be an Avon resident (or reside in a town lacking a similar youth program); be at least 14 years of age and have completed the first semester of 8th grade.  The Avon Police Department works with surrounding police departments to maximize resources and opportunities.

Throughout the year, members participate in a variety of community service activities, including Avon Police Department’s Stuff-a-Cruiser, Holiday Dinner at the Senior Center, Tip-A-Cop, and Special Olympics fundraisers. Additionally, members assist with traffic and safety at Avon’s Memorial Day Parade. 

While it is not required, most Cadets share an interest in law enforcement. Cadets receive extensive training in Building Search & Felony Response; CPR & First Aid; Disturbance Calls; Domestic Disturbances; D.U.I. Enforcement; Emotionally Disturbed Persons; Felony Traffic Stops; High Stress Scenarios; Officer Safety & Suspicious Persons; P.O.S.T. Fitness Assessment; Radio Procedures & Traffic Direction; Traffic Stops & Suspicious Vehicles, Mountain Biking; and/or Random Stations. Random Stations participants receive additional training in Crisis Intervention and Search & Control.  Additionally, eligible Cadets may attend the Cadet Police Academy and/or be selected to compete at Law Enforcement Stations Day.

Through active participation, Cadets gain a variety of benefits and privileges. For instance, Cadets may be issued a uniform and equipment. Additionally, eligible Cadets may participate in ride-alongs with Patrol Officers.

To learn more about the program, please contact Sergeant Ryan Cuscovitch at: rcuscovitch@avonct.gov or call 860-409-4200.   CLICK here to view the Avon Police Cadets brochure!