Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse

Resources for Domestic Violence Victims

**Police are required to give domestic violence victims a Crime Victims' Rights card informing them of available resources.**

That includes

  • Call 1-877-VINE-4CT, the Office of Victim Services advocate: 1-800-822-8428 or register online for court event updates.
  • The Office of Victim Services 1-888-771-3126.
  • Domestic violence 24-hour toll free hotline: 1-888-774-2900
  • Sexual abuse 24-hour hotline:1-888-568-8332.

Other helpful resources include

  • Interval House, which has a Simsbury office, or please call: (860) 527-0550
  • The Manchester Domestic Violence Outreach Team: 860-643-3334
  • Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • United Way
  • CT Alliance to End Sexual Violence : 1-888-999-5545
  • Prudence Crandall Center : 1-888-774-2900
  • Susan B. Anthony Project : 860-482-7133

  • Victims of Crime Acts Brochure

  • or voice/text: 1-888-774-2900 or email:                  CT’s domestic violence resource hub and 24/7 hotline, is available via CALL, CHAT & EMAIL. Advocates are available 24/7 whether you just need someone to listen or you want to think through available options to help keep you safe (e.g. create a safety plan for emergencies).  Safe Connect advocates are 80% bilingual in English & Espanol, while chat and email can respond to multiple languages.