Engineering, Sewer, and GIS Department

The Engineering Department includes the Sewer and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) departments.

The Engineering Department provides technical advice to other Town Departments, Boards and Commissions, as well as to the public. The Department is responsible for preparing engineering designs and specifications for the construction of municipal public works improvements. Construction plans for roadways, drainage, and sanitary sewer systems constructed by private developers are reviewed to ensure compliance with Town standards. The Department also provides inspection of these projects during construction. In addition, the Department is responsible for processing Excavation, Driveway, and Sewer connection permits and related inspections and sign-off.

The Sewer Department is responsible for operations and maintenance of the sanitary collection system which includes over 75 miles of piping and 4 Town-owned pump stations. This includes the maintenance of inter-town agreements for waste treatment, sewer use billing, special contracts for equipment and support, and routine inspections.

The GIS Department is responsible for development and maintenance of the Town-wide mapping system. This includes data maintenance and acquisition, special mapping projects for Town events, accident reconstruction assistance, maintenance of Assessors mapping, and general map development and support for Town departments and residents.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Lawrence Baril P.E., GISP Town Engineer 860-409-4378
Matt Brown L.S. Assistant Town Engineer 860-409-4325
Timothy Foster Superintendent of Sewers 860-409-4324
Sangee Wallace CAD/GIS Manager 860-409-4372
Doug Stahl Construction Inspector 860-409-4379
Vicky DiCenso Administrative Assistant 860-409-4322