COVID-19 Tax Relief Offered for January 2021 Bills

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COVID-19 Tax Relief Offered for January 2021 Bills
The Town Council is pleased to announce that it will once again offer tax relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, as authorized by Executive Order 9R.
The Deferral Program provides a three month “grace period” to pay taxes without an interest penalty.  The Deferral Program will apply to the January 1, 2021 Real Estate and Supplemental Motor Vehicle Taxes.  The last day to pay without an interest penalty will be April 1st (original deadline was February 1st).  Taxes paid after this deadline will be subject to interest at a rate of 1.5% per month dating back to January 1st.  All taxpayers are eligible, unless their taxes are paid by an escrow agent, financial institution, mortgage service agent or bank.  These entities are expected to remit payment on behalf of their customers according to the regular timetable.
Landlords interested in participating must fill out Form M-COVID-19, and provide documentation to the Collector of Revenue's Office that the property being taxed has, or will, suffer a significant income decline, or that a commensurate forbearance has been offered to the tenants or lessees by FEBRUARY 1st
Please contact the Collector of Revenue's Office at (860) 409-4308 with questions.