Open Burning Guidelines from the Fire Marshal's Office

open burning
Open Burning Guidelines from the Fire Marshal's Office
Town of Avon
Note from the Fire Marshal's Office
We would like to remind everyone of the local ordinance and state regulations regarding open burning.
As the temperature warms and we continue to stay safe at home many residents have taken the opportunity clean their yards or just sit by the campfire enjoying the outdoors.
General Fire Safety
  1. Burning is not allowed when Fire Danger is High
  2. Never use gasoline or other flammable liquid to start a fire
  3. Keep fire a minimum of 10’ from any structure
  4. Have a water supply available – Hose or bucket of water
  5. Be a good neighbor – Smoke must go up, not toward your neighbors
  6. Air Quality -
Camp Fires – Do Not Require Permit
  • Only non-processed and untreated wood may be burned.
  • Burning of glued or painted wood is prohibited.
  • Burning of trash is prohibited.
Open Burning – Permit Required
  • Open burning is limited to the burning of brush only. Brush is defined as shrubs, vegetation or pruning’s, the diameter of which is not greater than three inches at the widest point. Leaves and grass are not considered brush. Open burning is not allowed for the purpose of clearing land, or for the disposal of construction debris, household trash, or leaves.
  • If requested we will inspect your burn area.
  • If fire is found to be creating a nuisance or is in an unsafe manner a Fire Officer may order the fire extinguished.
General Reminder
  • Even if a fire is allowed the person responsible for the fire is liable for any and all damage caused by the fire.
If you have any questions regarding open burning or campfires please contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 860-409-4319 or email [email protected]. To report a nuisance and/or unsafe fire please contact Fire/Police dispatch non-emergency 860-409-4200. Please visit the Fire Marshal’s webpage where you can download a burning permit application and the open burning ordinance.