Planning and Zoning Application Forms and Fee Schedule

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Planning and Zoning Application Fee Schedule Site Plan for Sign Concept Application
Subdivision Application and Checklist Staff Approval Application
Site Plan Application and Checklist Zone Change Application
Special Exception Application Public Water Supply Watershed or Aquifer Area Project Notification Form
Special Exception Sign Application Land Use Application Fees - DEP
Special Exception - Restaurant Application Signs Over 75 sq ft.Application
Regulation Change Application CT Department of Public Health

Please note:  effective october 1, 2009, per public act 09-03, land use application fees for the department of environmental protection are $60 per applcation.  Please call planning and community development at 409-4328 for further information.

Please note: effective october 1, 2006, applications for projects located within a public water supply aquifer or watershed area are required by public act 06-53 to notify the commissioner of public health.