Adopt-A-Road Program

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Hold Harmless Agreement

The following will introduce you to the Adopt-A-Road Program and explain a little on how the program is run.

What is the Adopt-A-Road program you ask?  Well, it's a program whereby various service groups volunteer to assist in providing a cleaner environment and a more scenic roadway system by collecting refuse and debris from the roadway.  

This program started in Texas and has spread throughout the United States.  The Town of Avon has decided to join the program because it gives Town residents a great opportunity to help beautify their community and protect the environment. With so many miles of roads in Town, it is impossible for our limited number of Town staff to keep all roads completely litter-free.  As the saying goes “Many hands make quick work.”  The Town would really appreciate your hands!

If your group or organization is interested in the Adopt-A-Road program, you can sign up at the Department of Public Works office at 11 Arch Road.  Each volunteer group or organization will be given the opportunity to “adopt” one mile or more of a Town road for a period of two years.  “Adoption” means that the “parents” will come to visit their road at least four times each year to make sure that it is nice and clean.  The Town will provide safety equipment and training and will place a sign at each end of the adopted section, naming the group involved in the program in recognition of their efforts.

The pick-ups must be done during periods of good visibility and during daylight hours.  Pick-up would stop in the event of rain, fog, etc., and will not be carried out on dates specified by the agreement with the Town, i.e. long weekends or holidays. We specify this because of the increase in traffic and the availability of our staff.

The Town will require 48 hours notice before pick-ups, so that arrangements can be made for our work crews to pick up the bags of litter, and transfer them to a disposal site.

Once the “adoption papers” have been signed, the Town will provide a short training session to show your group how the program can be run most safely.  Participants must understand that any work along a road involves risk and that the use of caution will be essential at all times.

After an agreement is finalized, the Town will supply a "kit" to your group or organization consisting of, 10 safety vests, 3 traffic cones, 1 box of clear garbage bags, 100 flags (for tagging heavy debris and hazardous items that will be picked up by our crews), and safety guidelines for volunteers.  The minimum age of those participating has been selected as thirteen. We believe that this is a responsible age when participants can be expected to understand and apply the rules of safety.

Below are the necessary forms needed.  Please return all forms to the following address:

Town of Avon
Department of Public Works
11 Arch Road
Avon, CT  06001 

Once we have received your application to enter into an agreement and have approved the stretch of road your group or organization wishes to adopt, we will finalize your Adopt-A-Road Agreement and will be in touch about your training session for your group.

For more information on the Adopt –A-Road program, please contact:
Laurie Carlson
Phone:  860-673-6151
Fax:  860-673-0338
Send email