Connecticut Emergency Alerting and Notification System


The CT Alert ENS is a service used by the State of Connecticut to provide awareness of critical safety hazards and possible disasters. CT Alert ENS uses the state’s Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) database for location-based notifications to the public. However, the E9-1-1 database includes only traditional wire-line telephone numbers in the state (the “land line” phone you may have in your home). CT Alert will alert you through whatever communication device you choose: mobile phone, email, text messaging, instant message, etc. You can edit information or delete profile at any time.

The CT Alert ENS allows the Town of Avon to rapidly notify specific geographical areas or the entire town with minimal impact on emergency services personnel. You will receive time-sensitive messages with critical information. If the system cannot reach you the first time, it will cycle through the second contact you provided until you confirm you received the message.
NOTE: You are responsible for any costs associated with your receipt of text, phone or other messages received through any emergency notification system.